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  • Prior to the start of the project, the Client and I will agree in writing (including e-mail) that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. 


  • Confidentiality: the nature and content of the work will be kept confidential and not made known to anyone other than the Client and its contractors without prior written permission. The Client's files will not be uploaded to external websites nor distributed to third parties unless I am specifically authorized to do so, in writing, by the Client. 


  • Copyright: all content delivered to me by the Client for proofreading, beta reading, or editing purposes is owned by the Client. The Client agrees to hold me harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, and expenses arising out of any potential or actual copyright or trademark misappropriation or infringement claimed against them. I reserve the right to use samples of a completed work for marketing purposes or as part of a portfolio.


  • Project terms: 

    • The Client and I will agree on the terms of the proofreading/editing work in writing (including e-mail) before I start working on the project in question. These terms will include the medium in which the service will be carried out, the length of time to complete the project as advised by me, the fee for the project, the date by which the Client will deliver me their manuscript, and the latest date by which the completed project will be returned.

    • Please note that if, on receipt of the manuscript, it becomes clear that more work is required than anticipated, I may have to renegotiate the fee and/or deadline, or decline to carry out the work entirely.


  • Payment: I will send an invoice upon completion of the agreed-upon project for the full amount or the outstanding amount in case a deposit was paid. Payments are to be remitted by the Client via bank transfer to my account or via Paypal. Payment will be due within 15 days for a project and within 3 days in case of a deposit. If the invoice is not paid within the required amount of time, a late fee will be charged of 1.5% per month after the payment due date. 


  • Credit:  credit will be given to Karen Meeus Editing somewhere in your published work, preferably on the copyright page.


  • Quality assurance: I can guarantee that I will do my utmost to improve the Client's manuscript and that the changes and suggestions I'll make to the Client's manuscript will result in a higher-quality work. I cannot and will not promise the manuscript will be completely error-free, as that would be unrealistic and not conform with the standard practice/expectations in the industry.


  • Cancellation policy

    • By the Client: the Client can cancel at any time but has to provide a written notice (this includes e-mail). In order for this cancellation to be valid, it has to be acknowledged by me in writing as well. I reserve the right to invoice for the work already undertaken at the point of cancellation.

    • By myself: I may cancel at any time, but I have to provide a written notice. If I cancel the project, I will provide the Client with a prorated refund of any overages of fees paid.


  • Refund Policy: I will not offer refunds for completed projects. If a cancellation occurs during a project, the Client is expected to pay a prorated amount for the work already undertaken at the point of cancellation.


  • I am VAT-registered, but the special exemption scheme for small businesses ((art. 56bis, § 5, 2nd part WBTW)) applies, which means there will be no VAT charged on the invoices.


  • Legal jurisdiction: this agreement is subject to the laws of Belgium, and both the Client and I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts.


  • Privacy: I will protect your privacy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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